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Intro to donna Monroe Weber

Born in Jacksonville, Florida brought up in New Orleans.

Graduated West Jefferson High School in Harvey, LA.    
Cosmetology degree from Marinello-Coma Beauty College in New Orleans. 
Fashion Merchandising degree- Meadow's Draughon College in New Orleans.
Studied Commercial and Fine Arts at the renowned John Mc Crady Art School on Bourbon Street for two years. 
University of New Orleans has a BA, a liberal arts degree focusing on Drama and Communications.
Attending school for so many years gained her the nickname "Professional Student."

After graduating from UNO she landed a job in South Korea where she met her future husband Richard Weber, an airplane engineer. They dated for a year and married in South Korea.

donna Monroe Weber   -  Production Executive
Pipe Dream Developers 
           Taking dreams seriously, a lot of her work is a mix of dreams, reality, plus pure imagination. That's why she created Pipe Dream Developers where dreams can be seen in the reality of pictures.
Good pictures. 
            After winning third place in a state competition for a play she wrote, directed, and performed in, she continued to write plays and monologues and act in them plus direct them. She also writes short stories, and has written six more screenplays, two were sold. She mostly writes action, comedy, thrillers. She is currently working on a novel.